1. Programme User:
  • Age:
  • Language skills:
2. Software download:
  • How did you rate the download process?

      It was simple
      A little difficult. I had some problems
      I had a lot of problems (it took a long time, it froze…)
  • Any further comments you would like to add:
3. Tutor and pedagogical guides:
  • What did you think of the customization process for the tutor and pedagogical guides?

      I found it very interesting
      It’s fine
      Very complicated. I needed help from a professional
  • Any further comments you would like to add:
4. Use of Azahar by a person with autism and/or intellectual disability:
  • Can the person use it easily?    Yes    No
  • Do you think it helps him/her to communicate?   Yes    No
  • What is your overall initial impression of the programme:

      Very complicated
      It could be improved
      I think it is very interesting
  •Any further general comments you would like to add: